Morning Fog

Morning Fog by drobi_123



This is my very first blog, and boy am I nervous. I tend to rush into things, get overwhelmed, then my enthusiasm wanes. I have taken my time to do this so I am working hard to prevent that from happening.  When I first thought of a blog, it was because I wanted a way to show my photos and art work.  I considered using it to speak out about things;  about the state of our society, about inequalities, about the future.  I am not a writer so writing my thoughts and feelings is difficult.  So, I think I am going to try a variety of posts covering most of the above as well as other things.  Comments, if they come, as well as my comfort with what I am doing, will show me the way.

That wasn’t so bad!  I just might get the hang of this.  So, join me on this journey through  photography, art, and life!

Morning Fog, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.


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