This image is from 2007 when I was doing more photography than I am right now.  I was sitting in a Burger KIng parking lot and  a lot of  birds  were eating scraps.  There were pigeons, sea gulls, and some other birds that I did not recognize.   This is one of my favorite images from that day.  I made some adjustments in Photoshop.


Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes by drobi_123
Blue Eyes, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

Missed a post for yesterday. I was busy trying out new experiments and got lost in the work. By the time I realized how late it was I was too tired to do anything else. So here is today’s post!

I couldn’t help looking at this kitten because of his beautiful blue eyes. I took the photo into photoshop and used selective color to turn the photo into black and white and bring back the color of his eyes.