This image is from 2007 when I was doing more photography than I am right now.  I was sitting in a Burger KIng parking lot and  a lot of  birds  were eating scraps.  There were pigeons, sea gulls, and some other birds that I did not recognize.   This is one of my favorite images from that day.  I made some adjustments in Photoshop.



Cat by drobi_123
Cat, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

I just love working with filters and effects in photoshop. One of my favorite subjects to photograph is my cat Psycho. Here she is in an image created with threshold and embossing.


Patiently Waiting

Paciently Waiting by drobi_123
Paciently Waiting, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture. Everyone was bustling about ant this dog was laying there patiently waiting. I should have focused more on the dog, but sometimes I just shoot.


Mandarin Duck – Norway

Mandarin Duck - Norway by drobi_123
Mandarin Duck – Norway, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

I took this photo at pond while at the Maihaugen Museum. I had never seen a duck that looked like this before. It is so beautiful.


Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat by drobi_123
Sleeping Cat, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

Here is another photo of my cat Psycho. I couldn’t resist taking this closeup as she was napping in the sunlight.


Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes by drobi_123
Blue Eyes, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

Missed a post for yesterday. I was busy trying out new experiments and got lost in the work. By the time I realized how late it was I was too tired to do anything else. So here is today’s post!

I couldn’t help looking at this kitten because of his beautiful blue eyes. I took the photo into photoshop and used selective color to turn the photo into black and white and bring back the color of his eyes.