Small Stream

Image of flowing water

I took this image while I was camping near Lost River in New Hampshire.  My son and I took our pop-up tent and spent a week relaxing.  Forgot to mention, we also had his dog, my daughter’s dog and my dog  camping with us.  I had a wonderful time.  Would love to do it again!





I took this photo with my iPhone.  Then I used masked out the flowers and blurred the background using Photoshop field blur.  I just loved the bright colors of the photo and couldn’t resist getting the picture.

Limestone and Sandstone

Limestone and Sandstone by drobi_123
Limestone and Sandstone, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

Gray Cambrian Limestone and red Aztec Sandstone. Part of the Keystone Thrust Fault in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.


View in Red Rock Canyon

View in Red Rock Canyon by drobi_123
View in Red Rock Canyon, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

When I went to Las Vegas a couple of years ago, I was a typical tourist. I took a lot of photos without thinking about settings. This is one of the views I saw off the road in Red Rock Canyon. I did have a GPS unit attached to my camera, but it only worked occasionally, so frustrating. I have no idea what this peak was called or anything else about it. If anyone knows, please let me know.

I just realized that the line of cactus running along the bottom of the photo is a line of “Joshua trees”


Foggy Moonlight

Foggy Moonlight by drobi_123
Foggy Moonlight, a photo by drobi_123 on Flickr.

View of moonlight on a foggy night. I saw the fog outside and decided to see if I could capture it. The moon looked so cool that I just had to get a photo.