Mother and Son in Words


I was browsing the web for Photoshop tutorials and I came across this image treatment. The tutorial is on youtube and it is done by logongod I really liked it and decided I wanted to try it. The image that the tutorial used was a portrait so I dug into my files and found this one of my daughter and her son. I might like to try something like this on a photo of something other than a portrait and see what can be accomplished.

I used the process that was in the tutorial and added a couple of my ideas.  I added a gradient to the background.  The gradient was the same color used in the text of the image. I distorted and blurred the background and gave a torn border to the image.  The used words that I associate with my daughter and grandson.  I hope you enjoy!


The Start of A New Journey


It has been quite a while since I last posted anything to this blog….  sometimes life gets in the way.  I chose this photo for my first blog of the new year because it is a picture of the start of a journey, the end of an experience, and life moving forward.

Starting a new journey can bring on a variety of emotions; exhilaration , anticipation, and nervousness as well as many other feelings for what is coming.  Ending an experience can bring feelings of sadness, happiness, thankfulness, and loss for what once was, just to name a few. All these and many more feelings and thoughts are part of life moving forward.

This year will be a new journey for me.  I want to do the things that have been difficult for me to do. I want to participate in the world outside of my life. I am, at heart, shy about saying what my thoughts and feelings are, but I intend to try. I am  going to get back into my photography again.  None of this will take place over night because change is a journey.

In lite of what I just said, here goes:

This year will be a journey for individuals and this country.   Although everyone has their own thoughts and feelings, all should work together to achieve one goal….helping our country move forward…. and become united not divisive!

There, although short, I said something!

p.s.  I just wanted to say that I liked my original post better,  but I used a mobile WordPress app that confused me and I accidentally deleted from it what I thought was a draft, not the original that I had created on the computer.  I then realized that all my time and work had been deleted in a split second.  This has taught me to write my stuff in a program and then copy it into WordPress so that this doesn’t happen again.

Downtown Lillehammer – September

This photo was taken when i went to visit my son in Norway. I found Lillehammer very exciting. Shortly after this photo was taken, I was talking with my son and a woman stepped up to me and asked me where in the US I was from. She was an American that had moved to Norway and she said she wanted to say Hi when she heard me speaking. So cool!